We are a team of Indian women health professionals who saw the need for a reliable health information source in official Indian languages, and took up the challenge. Through this work, we want to highlight oral health in the conversation about public health issues.


Why Oral Health?
Oral diseases are preventable, yet the burden of oral disease is high in most countries including India. Despite this burden, Oral Health doesn’t get talked about enough in the Public Health discourse. Oral Health Promotion is now on the priority list for most major health organizations, including the Government of India.  
Talking about Oral Health is important for another reason- most oral diseases share risk factors with other chronic diseases that affect the body. Oral Health is vital to a person’s overall health.
How We Work
We follow a thorough process to create reliable content on a health topic. For each health topic, we put together a team of public health professionals and specialist doctors to compile and translate research from reliable sources. We make sure to seek feedback and review from other experts before, and from our audience after publishing content to keep improving.
Our mission is to create greater awareness about Oral Health and  Public Health issues in India. We are currently self-funded, and are not promoting any drugs or commercial products.
 We are also not prescribing any medicines or diagnosing diseases. That can only be done in a clinical setup.
Our Team
Dr. Akanksha Jaiswal is the Founder at Sehat Funde and a General Dentist trained in Public Health. She created Sehat Funde in 2016 to make reliable and accurate information about Oral Health and Public Health issues accessible to people in India, and has since successfully built a team of health professionals who support Sehat Funde’s cause. 
Dr. Ankita Arora is a Pediatric Dentist with a creative streak and talent for public speaking. She is the Comrade-in-Arms at Sehat Funde, and shares the vision of making reliable health information more accessible. She lends her expertise and passion in creating Sehat Funde’s health videos.
Kriti Trivedi is a Development and Health Communications expert. She lends her expertise on the creation of relevant and relatable content, and also on child health and nutrition.
Dr. Prasad Muley is a Pediatrician and also the subject expert on child nutrition and health. He has extensive experience in Evidence Based Medicine and makes sure that our content is grounded in the right evidence.


The information provided on Sehat Funde is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician.