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Getting Through a Wedding.

 Dr. Akanksha Jaiswal


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“The mouth and face reflect signs and symptoms of health and disease .”

Okay, maybe not all in a day, but dentists encounter these misconceptions many times over the course of their professional (and personal) lives. Of these, the (mistaken) belief that dentists are only concerned with “teeth and gums” is of consequence. Others, not so much.

It is important and can sometimes be life-saving to know that most of the diseases that are systemic (that is, affecting the whole body) also show up as signs in the mouth (Read more about this connection in detail here). A visit to the dentist can therefore reveal any such underlying illnesses.

To summarize,



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 — Akanksha Jaiswal is a General Dentist and practiced for a few years in India before training as a Public Health Professional at Columbia University. She is passionate about improving Public Health Literacy in India, and founded Sehat Funde to make accurate and health information available to people. 

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  1. I was and am in love with your cartooning and sketching… Too Good. Keep it up Distracted Dentist.

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