Environment Health

India and Tobacco

Dr. Akanksha Jaiswal

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While the author has had excellent role models in her teachers at dental school, there are many myths and misinformation about tobacco that need to be talked about.

Consider this – about 26.7 crore (or 267 million) people ages 15 and above in India use tobacco (smoking or smokeless) according to the ministry’s latest estimate. We have the highest number of smokeless tobacco users in the world. Oral cancer is among the most common types of cancers in India and tobacco use kills about 1 million people each year . Read more in the post about tobacco here : Tobacco and Its Many Contexts


Akanksha Jaiswal is a General Dentist and practiced for a few years in India before training as a Public Health Professional at Columbia University. She is passionate about improving Public Health Literacy in India, and founded Sehat Funde to make accurate and health information available to people. 

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