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अक्ल दाढ़ के बारे में कुछ जरूरी बातें

डॉ विभा जैन   कुछ समय पहले तक सड़े हुए दाँतों को निकालना और उनकी जगह नक़ली दाँत लगवाना हमारे देश में डेंटिस्ट के पास जाने के मुख्य कारण हुआ करते थे। इस इलाज के साथ साथ इससे जुड़े कई मिथ्य लम्बे समय से चलते आ रहे हैं। आज मैं दाँत निकालने और अक़्ल दाढ़ से […]

Mouth Health

Wisdom Teeth : Signs to Watch Out For.

Dr. Vibha Jain Extracting decayed teeth and replacing them with dentures were the prime areas of focus for dentists and their patients in India until a few decades ago. As these treatment methods prevailed for the longest time, so have the myths surrounding them. Today I would like to clarify some of the myths surrounding […]

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5 Things Parents Should Know About Baby Teeth

Dr. Akanksha Jaiswal, Dr. Ankita Arora A pediatric dentist talks about 5 important things Indian parents should know about their kids’ teeth. Watch the Video!   – Ankita Arora is a Pediatric Dentist by profession with over 10 years of clinical experience and an interest in health promotion. She believes strongly in creating awareness about oral […]